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Tony: Thank you for the excellent web site. I passed Element 1 & 3 today. This site has every study aid needed to pass the FCC exam. I especially like the "missed question retake" tab. This helped me study the questions I was missing. If you do well on the "Simulated Test" you will be able to pass the Exam.

John Agresta 05/19/2019

My electronics teacher told me about your website. I signed up and studied all the questions. I got 3 wrong but still passed the General. Thank you.

Robert 05/14/2019

Hello Tony, I just wanted to say thank you for the help. I recently passed elements 1, 3, and 8! Your test prep website was very helpful. I appreciate the fact that you keep it affordable. Also, thank you for breaking the elements into manageable key topic groups. I will refer my colleagues to you when they are ready to test for their GROL.

Thanks again,
Martin Kehayes 05/08/2019

Great job. I signed up for, and I passed my Fcc element #7 GMDSS Operator test with an 85%. Keep up the good work.

David martin 05/04/2019

Hi today I passed element 1 & 3. I missed one question. Your software works great. I'll tell my friends about it. Walter Heser 04/24/2019

Thanks to your excellent program, I easily passed the Element 1 test (zero wrong) and the Element 3 test (only 3 wrong). I don't think I could have done it without your great training aid. I enjoy testing myself with the sorted 50 question simul ated tests. I am particularly pleased with your responsiveness to my questions and comments. Best Regards

Chris Hoelzle 04/14/2019

Tony, I hope that you're doing well.

I'm writing to let you know that I passed both GMDSS exams today -- 96% on the maintainer exam. 90% on the operator. The T2 certificate has been issued this week. FCCEXAMS.COM made it easy.
Thanks very much.
James Armstrong 04/03/2019

Hello Tony
I used to pass the GROL Elements 1 and 3 on my first attempt today. Scores were 92% and 89%, respectively. is much more effective than a textbook. Thanks very much !

James Armstrong San Jose, California 03/27/2019

Great site! Took Elements 1,3,5 and 6 and passed on first try, Now working on 7, 8 and 9 for next month. Would be nice if there was explanation on missed answers but there are other books for that. I highly recommend this to study for your commercial exams.

Mike Fletcher 03/17/2019

This is a awesome website to help you pass your FCC exam. I passed my GROL with only 1 wrong answer. You can't go wrong with ths training website.

Ken Peters 03/12/2019

I thought I'd send you along a testimonial to add to your FCC Exams Web site. Using FCC Exams, I was able to pass my third and second class commercial radiotelegraph, GMDSS Operator, Maintainer and General Class Radiotelephone Operator's license. If you want to pass your FCC Exams, FCCEXAMS.COM is the right site to do practice exams. If you can pass these exams, you'll do fine on the real FCC Exam.

Fred Atkinson 03/06/2019

I signed up for only one month and was ready to take the test by the 25th. I passed element 1 and 3. I signed up again to do element 8. I used your website for one week before the exam and passed with 100%. I hate taking tests because i always fail the test, but your website made testing fun. Thanks for your help.

Basil Roper 02/28/2019

Awesome website. I passed the GROL test today on the first try, finishing elements 1 and 3 in less than 25 minutes. So fast, in fact, that the two gentlemen running the test session could harly believe it. Your simulated tests prepared me so well that I was able to choose most of the answers completely from memory, without fully reading the questions. This was well worth the money. I will recommend your website to everyone. Thanks again.

Bob Simmons 02/15/2019

I signed at and in less than 2 weeks I passed my GROL. This website is the greatest. Thank you.

Greg Hernadez 02/09/2019

I passed my GROL exam today. I missed two questions. The testing center would not tell me which ones a missed.

David Wingert 02/02/2019

I highly recommend will allow you to use their test simulator for any commercial exams for an unlimited amount of time. The good thing about this simulator randomizes the questions, so even though you may memorize questions and answers, it makes it much more realistic.

Michael 01/23/2019

I found your website and I took the tests for the 2nd Class Radiotelegraph Operator Certificate (T2) passed with great results. On 27 April I took the GROL (PG) + Radar Endorsement. I had another book and software but I used yours. I liked it better. I signed up for the service again at the end of August for a year. I thought it would take me two months to prepare but on 28 September I took the GMDSS Operator Maintainer (DB) and got the license in the mail exactly two weeks later. The people on the exam team told me they were impressed with my consistently high scores. I now use your software for continued training and review in conjunction with other electronic study it is great. I have recommended it to others.

Mark Haskell 01/18/2019

Dear Sir, I wanted to let you know that I passed my GROL exam today thanks to your great training website. thank you.

Charles Edwards 01/11/2019

After failing the GROL 3 times I thought I would give your website testing simulator a try. Today Im happy to report that I finally passed! I got 2 wrong on the exam. Thank you for having this fantasic website. It really works.

Henrey R 12/30/2018

Your website helped me pass the GROL. I finshed the exam in 30 minutes. Best $10.95 I ever spent on the Internet. Thank you.

Mike Jones 12/22/2018

Thanks for use of your website. I took my FCC test today and pasted it in about 30min for elements 1 and 3. I heard stories about people taking the test mutiple times before passing and it only took me one time.

Curtis Hudson 12/13/2018

Dear Sir, I want to thank you for having this website available on the Internet. It has helped me obtain my FCC license. Computerized learning seems to work better than text books for me.

Mike Sanchez 12/08/2018

Using your website for study material I passed the GROL on the first try. Very well done. Your test simulators work great!

George Collier 11/26/2018

Thank you very much for the use of your training website. I passed my GROL today. Only 1 wrong answer. I was also the first person in the group to complete my exam.

Jim Lopez 11/14/2018

I have to say your testing simulators made it easy for me to pass the GMDSS exam. I was the first to complete the exam in my class, and i'm 56 years old. Thanks.

Pavek, Leo 11/09/2018

I passed my GROL exam today. Your website worked out great for me. Thank you.

David Wingert 11/02/2018

After using your fcc test simulator for about 3 weeks I finally passed my GROL exam. Got only one wrong on the test. Thanks for having this great website.

Jeff Bousquet 10/22/2018

I just wanted to let you know that I passed Elements 5 and 6 and telegraphy elements 1 and 2 and am awaiting receipt of my 2nd Class Radiotelegraphy Operator Certificate. I passed Element 5 with 90% and Element 6 with a passing score (I didn't have access to for this one, although I wish I did). I also have the GROL and GMDSS Operator/Maintainer Licenses with Radar Endorsement, which I passed with flying colors, although not without a considerable amount of studying (again without the benefit of I highly recommend this product and wish I had discovered it much earlier myself.

Michael Stranathan 10/09/2018

Your simulators work great! I took my element 1 and 3 exam today and passed. I only missed 2 questions. I thank you for having this service.

Don Manuel 10/01/2018

I live in an area of the country that a FCC GROL class is not available. With out this self study resource, I would not have passed the test. Thanks!!

09/22/2018 Charles Bale. Alaska

Your website made it easy to pass the GMDSS exam. Thanks for providing this service.

Vic Gardner 09/15/2018

I passed Elements 1, 3 & 8 for my GROL w/ Radar Endorsement. Your web site was a big help in studying for the test.

David T. Mullins 09/05/2018

After using your service the past two weeks I passed element 7 and element 1. I must say your website works very well.
Thank you..

Tim Shoemaker 08/24/2018

This is one cool website. The simulators work very well. I passed the GROL exam today, and it was easy. Thank you!

Greg Lanning 08/11/2018

Tony, Thanks for the use of your fantastic website. I passed my GROL exam yesterday. I was the first one done in our group. Only got 1 wrong answer on the exam.

Jason Fisher 08/06/2018

I just took all three tests for my GROL with Radar Endorsement (Elements 1,3,8) in under 2 hours. Passed all 3. Your testing simulators work great!

Philip Polstra 08/02/2018

I want to thank you for the use of your website. I passed my GROL and ship radar endorsement today. Only got 2 wrong answers.

Greg Marcus 07/24/2018

Just wanted to let you know I passed my element 3 exam. Great service. Thank you.

Glen Williams 07/19/2018

I passed element 3 today with only 2 wrong. Thank you for your help your study tool works wonders.

Tim Jellsey 07/07/2018

Thanks for having such a great practice test website. It made passing my GROL a breeze....98%

Mike Duarte 07/02/2018

I'm so glad I found your website. I passed element 1 and 3 today only getting 3 questions incorrect on the exam. My GROL license will be in the mail soon. Thanks again - Chris


Just wanted to say thanks for a GREAT experience. I passed my GROL today in 15 minutes with a 96% on Element 3 and a 100% on Element 1. Best $10 I ever spent! Keep up the great work!
Mark Callahan 06/16/2018

Your website works better than the commerical FCC practice exam software that I bought on CD for $50 bucks. I wish I would have found you sooner. I really like the show answer feature. Only got one wrong on my GROL. Thanks for the cool website. Keep up the good work

Henry Norman 06/12/2018

This website is much better than studying from a book. Thanks to you I passed my GROL and radar endorsment.

Walter Evans 05/31/2018

I just wanted to thank you for having this website. I'm happy to report that I passed my GROL last weekend.

Gary Cooper 05/27/2018

I passed my GROL today. The exam was a piece of cake after using your website.

Tim Barnes 05/20/2018

Tony, Thanks to your training website I passed my GROL exam today. Only got 1 wrong. I was the first person to finish my exam. The test session had about 30 other test takers. I will be celebrating this weekend. Thanks again

Larry Kirby 05/10/2018

Very nice website. I passed my GROL on the first try. I will definitely tell my frinds about it. Thanks.

Steve Carrolyn 04/30/2018

I passed Radar endorsment on the first try. I couldn't have passed without this website. Thanks

Alvin Lew 04/25/2018

I passed the GROL thanks to your training website. I'm going study for the GMDSS next. Thanks alot for offering this service.

Doug Richardson 04/12/2018

Hi I wanted you to know that I was the first person at the test session to finish my exam. I passed my GROL easily after using your website.

Chris Blough 04/08/2018

it works. Only got one wrong on my GROL. Thanks for the cool website. Keep up the good work

Jason Angulo 03/29/2018

Hi, I want to thank you for the use of your website. The FCC training software that I had was out of date. I only wish I would have found your website sooner. Well I had to take the general over again because I studied the wrong questions. Anyway, thats all behind me now. Thanks again for your help.

Terry Ritter 03/17/2018

I passed the GROL and the GMDSS exam today and it was so easy. I enjoyed your website. Thank you.

Darrly Hoss 03/09/2018

Using your website. I passed my GMDSS Maintainer license and the Radar Endorsment on the first attempt. Im glad I signed up for this service. It's so much easier than reading from a book.

Jimmy Fahy 02/24/2018

Your website gave me the confidence that I needed to pass General Radio Telephone License. Thank you.

Craig Alan 02/11/2018

Happy New Year! I passed my GROL using only your website. Thanks!

Jose Perez 02/07/2018

I passed my GROL last weekend thanks to your web service. I will tell my friends about it.
Pete Stevens 01/27/2018

Hi, Just wanted to tell you that your fccexam website rocks! I passed the GROL today. I got a 100% on the exam thanks to you.
Steve Nguyen 01/17/2018

Tony, thank you for all your help. Your web pages helped me pass the GROL exam last weekend. I needed to pass the GROL for a upcoming job opportunity. Now I can relax. thank you.
Eddie Macias 01/05/2018

Tony, I used the exam pool to study for element 7. Aced the test in just under 40 minutes!! This is a great service you provide, best 10 bucks I ever spent.
Thanks you,
Chris Roantree 12/23/2017

I passed my GROL yesterday. I will tell my co-workers about this site. Thank you.
Larry Simkins 7/06/2008

I really appreciate your site. I tell everyone to use it. Well worth the money.
Greg Horwatt 7/01/2008

I passed my GROL today thanks to your website. Thank you very much for having this service.

Tim Gallup 5/19/2008

I failed the GROL twice last year. My classroom instructor told me about your website. I sign up, and it took me a couple of weeks to start scoring the 90's on your simulators. Then I took the exam and passed! Thank God, I do not have to pay the $50 test taking fee any more. Thank you.

Ben Palmer 12/11/2017

Tony, I just wanted to let you know that I passed my GROL exam. Thank you for the use of your web page.

Terry Waton 11/29/2017

Well, I passed the GROL the second time around. I probably would have passed the first time if I knew about this service then. Anyway thanks a bunch.

Jim Conway 11/17/2017

I passed my GROL by using your website as a study tool. I will let my co-workers know about this service. Thanks.

Bill Watson 11/06/2017

I needed my FCC license in order to get a better paying job. I came across your website on the net, and figured I'd give it a try. Three weeks later I took the GROL exam and pass it. Thanks for the help.

William Lee 10/28/2017

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